Friday, May 6, 2011

Tutorial + GIVEAWAY: e.l.f Bright Eye Beauty Book


It’s all about the beauty budget in 5 minutes and the total cost of these items = $11. Now you can break a $20 and still get a good deal on their lipgloss and mascara and have an amazing beauty look.

Check out how you can get it together in this video!


RESULTS: Fabulous, Quick and Inexpensive

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Tell me your 5 minute routine and you could win all the items used in this Tutorial.
Giveaway Rules: USA ONLY!
Leave your YT and Twitter handle
Contest ends 5/30/11 Winner posted 5/31/11 only on blog!


boolicious said...

my 5 minunte routine is
1. prime my eyes
2. throw on a popping bright eye shadow
3. line my eyes
4. put on mascara
and thats it, fast and easy =)

cece said...

My 5 minute routine is
1.put a medium brown neutral color over my lid, a dark brown in my crease and sometimes a litle gold on the inner corner.
2. Line the upper lid wih liquid eyeliner because that what i work quickest with.
3. put either lipstick or chapstick on my lips.
The End :D
twitter: @Cecelyfe
Yt: Yellowbaybe

Alyssa F said...

my 5 minute routine is:
1. prime eyes with elf mineral eye primer
2.put on neutral eyeshadow i use my 88 neutral eyeshadow palette
3.blend well
4.apply eyeliner on the outer waterline
5. pull a lighter brown eyeshadow into the inner corner
6.apply mascara and curl lashes all done!

optional: tinted mosturizer/pressedpowder


i am a long time subbie of yours!on youtube: Alyssabubbleteax3

Wynell said...
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Wynell said...

My 5 minunte routine is :
1 Concealer
2 pink or orange blush
3 nude lipstick or gloss
4 line my eyes with black eyeliner
4. 2 coats of mascara
@prettynelly_1 Twitter
YT prettynelly1

Unknown said...

put in contacts
prime eyelids(elf)
put on eyeshadow
put on eyeliner
put on mascara
put on lipgloss
smile :)
Twitter: tierrabaker21

destroydj0503 said...

my 5 min routine is
1. use primer for eyes
2.pick out three colors of eye shadows like white for brow bone and inner corner pink in the middle of eye lid and tan or purple for the outter corner and
3. eye liner on water line and gel liner on top lid
4. black mascara
5 blush
6 lip gloss or lipstick fast and easy have kids so i do not have alot of time to do my makeup lol put i try. thank you for this giveaway sweetie xx
and twitter,blog,youtube name is destroydj0503 much love to ya xx
good luck to everyone xx


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