Saturday, January 23, 2021

Inside My Maternity Shoot


Happy New Year! I am kicking off the year announcing my pregnancy if you don’t already know. My due date is April 8th but I will have a C-section set for March 25th (Aries, baby girl)!

I took much time off since the pandemic just to enjoy the moment and just get a break from blogging knowing the crisis of the world. It was important to me because so many people were/are still dying and life is impacting everyone in many ways. I had a plan to return whenever I decided to do my maternity shoot so here I am full of excitement with this post.

If you want to see my complete pregnancy journey connect on my YouTube Channel for all of my weeks leading up to when I deliver.

Behind The Scenes Photo Shoot

Inside My Looks

Here are the details of my outfits for the shoot.
Photographer Photos By Lillie

First Look
Dress: Pink Blush Maternity

Necklace: Tjmaxx

2nd Look
Dress: Custom made on Etsy

Earrings: Tjmaxx

3rd Look
Dress: Photographer bought it

Floral Headband: Handmade on Etsy

Necklace & Ring: Tjmaxx

Slippers: Mandee

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