Friday, August 23, 2019

Budget Nails: L.A. Colors Polish

The summer season is coming to a close and I must admit I am so here for the Fall season. Even though I love my bold colors and I am not afraid to try out shades that go beyond your basic theme. Sometimes basic is really where its at when you just want to be chic!
While on the hunt for a quick fix to my nails breaking at a rapid pace, solid shades are the perfect mix for this situation. I needed something that was quick and not really expensive so budget was really on my radar. I am one to buy the great quality brands because I really love a great polish that last but at this moment a day was all I needed.

I headed to Walmart and search and behold I find L.A Colors a brand that I used all the time when I first dabbled in makeup and the brand was my ride or die for sure. The section was basically sold out except for this pretty metallic pink that had the shimmer details that I love. Under $3 bucks I purchased it along side my Sally Hansen nail hardener which is the best!!

After using the shade Pink Diamond I was in love! The brand has definitely improved in quality since my time using it. The brush was awesome when applying and the color lasts for me at least 4 days but I reapplied it just because I wanted to just refresh them. I am positive that the color lasts much longer if I gave it more time. I am curious to try any of the other shades that they might have since this one was fabulous! Make sure you check them out because it's something that you will love when showing off your nail game!


Panty Buns said...

That L.A. Colors metallic finish nailpolish looks very pretty.
Your nails look beautiful after applying the L.A. Colors metallic finish Pink Diamond nailpolish
What a great buy!!!

jamsroot888 said...

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