Monday, April 22, 2019

My IUI Journey Day of IUI

The day of IUI and it’s starting off as stressful. My partner couldn’t make the appointment to give sperm the day of the transfer. We booked a hotel a few blocks from the the fertility clinic so he would have easy and private access to do his business. Well he barely slept and was super exhausted resulting in no fresh sperm! So I had a 7am call time to thaw out his frozen sperm so we can move forward with IUI. With all of this unnecessary drama I feel like my body is in stress mode! Will the frozen sperm be enough? Not really sure. His 46 million sperm with only 7 % motility (swimming sperm). The normal should at least 40.

We still have to plan for intimacy after IUI which is good and the next day as well. Every extra step is helpful when it comes to this procedure. We missed one step so not sure how it will effect our chances. 

The IUI was uncomfortable but didn’t hurt. The beginning is similar to getting a Pap smear. The doctor is double checking making sure things are good and they want to be able to have a good view to place the sperm near the eggs. They used a catheter and then a syringe to release the sperm into my uterus. I didn’t feel anything at all. I had to lay down 10-15 minutes after the procedure and that was it.

After it was over my stress level completely dropped! I felt amazing that I did this and the hopes of it working was the only thought process I had. I have a two week wait period until I know for sure. May 1st is the day I check. If things are unsuccessful we have only one IUI in our cards left that the doctor has approved.
My family and friends are hoping for the best so hopefully we are blessed enough to share our great news.
Start tuned!

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