Wednesday, February 6, 2019

Shoes: You Love But Can't Afford

As women we all love style and we all love looking good. When it comes to dressing the part our shoes are the center of attention that completes our look. Shoes are something that we crave especially if the height is right, the color is bold and the confidence we feel when we step in them takes us into our inner diva mode. That's the moment when we feel our best! 

But sometimes those shoes that we crave and dream of owning in our closet aren't too affordable. We can only dream of saving enough just to get that one signature pair. Or be obsessed over someone posting that designer shoe while at a party, out to dinner or for a celebrity event. When all you can do is drool and hope and pray that one day you will be as cool as them. 

Lacia Boot $1295

Photo via Monika_Chiang Instagram 

I am a sucker for red especially red boots that are OTK.  For me I am in love with this shoe style!  Designer Monika Chiang's Instagram is filled with her fabulous designs and I get literally exited every time she posts her fabulous shoes!!! 

Lavished Ruched Tulle Booties $1050
Photo via @jimmychoo Instagram 

I love shoes that have an edge factor and this tulle fabric mixed with the polka dots are every fashion girls dream. It's so chic, radiant and ultra glamorous. The brand is so focus on making styles that are fashion forward at its best!
Embroidered Crystal Bow Pump $4750
For me I am girl who loves the bling! The crystals, the rhinestones the sparkles are all me, bring it on! This style is amazing from the bow to the heel to the outfits that can be styled with this shoe. 
Lurum Crystal Embellished Mule Pump $1295
Photo via @bergdorfs Instagram 
If you can own a pink heel make sure its shinning bright with a pow! These are so soft and gentle that they can only be worn at the right times. It's like a trophy that you want to keep high on the shelf and when anyone enters to see it the angels truly sang! Loves...
BB Logo Patent Leather Bootie
Photo via @bergdorfs Twitter
It's something about a true ankle bootie with just enough character and flavor that really makes me want it. This style is not simple but sleek in the shape and extra point in the front. The cherry on top is the B logo that gets me wanting to rock it with a well fitted midi dress!


Chad said...

These are the cutest shoes ever!!! I will forward this to my wife, thanks a lot.


Scott Gombar said...

I will share with my wife. Definitely not my thing but she loves her heels.

Dennis Littley said...

My wife might like to take a look at this. Not really my thing but I think you've shared some variety here so there's likely something for everyone who is a lover of heels!

Shannon said...

Love those Tom Ford ones!

Catherine Santiago Jose said...

Honestly, I really love everything they are so beautiful but I am not really a fan of wearing this kind of shoes. I will share this with my Aunt and I am sure she would love to have one of these to be her own.

Nicole Bertrand Photography said...

I love those crystal bow shoes! Cute post.

Preet said...

Oh no! Jimmy Choo boots looks so fabulous. Soon I'll be buying all of them Lol.

The Super Mom Life said...

I have never been a huge shoe lover. I think money can be spent on much more important things.

John Mulindi said...

You look lovely in those shoes. This is what I can buy for my future wife. Thanks.

Allie way said...

Your shoe collection is to die for, like seriously at my funeral just bring a pair for me to buried with, preferably the sparkly or red boots haha

Katie said...

Wow! These are definitely gorgeous and expensive! I love the rhinestone and pink shoes. I have not been able to pull off a pair of high heels, but I'd love a pair of designer flats.

Sara Welch said...

I seriously love all those shoes! You have me wanting to take a shopping trip soon!

kumamonjeng said...

I can't tell you how much I am in love with shoes and recently I bought few pair of boots from my Spain trip. You have a great list of shoes and so chic and fashionable. I love the red boots!


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