Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Day 3 After Myomectomy Surgery

Challenging for sure! I can’t get up on my own. I can’t walk on my own. I don’t even know when I have to pee!! My belly just starts to burn and that’s when I know I have to release my urine...Weird for sure. Thankfully my partner was by my side the whole time. He was more than a nurse he was like God’s helper. It was tough! Especially when you can’t sit up or get comfortable on your own. You have to depend on everything from someone. It really makes you thankful that you have your hands, arms and legs. 

Those with disabilities should always be helped and not stared at. Because I felt like how they probably do. The want is there to do the work but the body isn’t in motion to do it. You just keep trying and never give up. At least for me I knew time was on my side. So I counted my blessings that day and forward.

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