Saturday, October 27, 2018

Beauty Redefined by Seline Shenoy


I agreed to received this book because I felt that the world of beauty has always been a big discussion in our society. A lot of young girls are looking up to the wrong things for inspiration in order to make them feel beautiful. We as leaders to them need to remind them as well as ourselves we are beautiful no matter what society says!

Beauty Redefined: How to Feel Authentically Beautiful in Today’s World

When it comes to how we define beauty we all can agree that society can have a strong impact on what beauty is. From what we are taught as young children to how we fit into the world as an adult all plays major factors. It’s important to come to the reality that you have to deeply love yourself within and your outer beauty should never define you as a whole.

Beauty Redefined ($10.76) by author Seline Shenoy touches on how we as a culture are obsessed with beauty and how we try to fit in the mold of what society wants us to be. How we are suppose to be appealing to men to gain his instant attraction. Some of us tend to grow into these fictional characters because we are taught at an early age to be this woman or what defines beauty as you become a woman.This book helps explore the mindset that we all can relate to at least once in our lives on discovering what truly defines beauty. You might have envisioned it to be one way but as you go through life situations, surround yourself with diverse individuals or even reflect on who you truly want to be. You soon find how confident you are within your own skin and truly being your own authentic self.

(Excerpt from Beauty Redefined)

Beauty Redefined can be an uplifting guide to help you gain a sense of confidence from within yourself. I love how it explores the different years of how beauty has evolved over time.The fact that being covered up was still considered appealing vs. now the less you show you’re considered more sexier on the eyes. I enjoyed that the author Seline Shenoy, shared her emotions about her beauty as a child and how she dealt with the pressures of changing just to fit in. This can be a good source for teenagers that are in the beginning stages of finding themselves along with proper discussions with their parents. The book is an easy read and allows you to think about how we have changed ourselves as women and how we can love more about us.

(Excerpt from Beauty Redefined)

You can check out more about the author on her social media platforms.

Special thank you to Seline Shenoy for sending me a copy of your book, it was inspirational and I praise the work of empowerment that you are doing! I hope to connect further!


Alexandra Cook said...

This book looks and sounds like an amazing read. I really like the message behind it. I will have a look at buying it.

Carla said...

This is something that I absolutely need to read!

Lyosha Varezhkina said...

Sounds like a very interesting read! i think I should add it to my list and enjoy it sometime.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a great read!

Monidipa said...

Beauty Redefined is a complex look at what beauty really is, why we perceive certain traits as beautiful, why that’s really a good thing (by evolutionary standards), and how to redefine your own sense of beauty. I’m of the opinion that every woman (and man) is affected by the concept of beauty, even if we make a conscious effort to throw off expectations and lead our own lives according to our definition of beauty. That’s what makes this such a compelling and useful book, for the teen being bombarded by expectations, to the eligible young 20-30-something on the dating scene, to those coming up on what’s typically viewed as the fall of our beauty levels.

Rather than coming across as preachy, this book gives a very concrete and factual look at what has been a pleasing shape, style, coloration, and ethnicity of beauty throughout the ages. What did Ancient Greece think? What did the Victorians think? What did we think in the 90s and what do we seem to objectify right now? By providing such a thorough and diverse look at beauty, breaking down what quantifies our opinions and how our opinions seem to evolve, this book takes away the mystifying nature of beauty and instead gives us real human perception. Match that with the fascinating collection of chapters on the psychology of beauty, and you have a very black and white look at an otherwise multi-colored phenomena.

That was an unexpected perk. I’ve read studies in the past about how beauty has changed, and didn’t expect this book’s glimpse into the topic to throw me very much. Quite to the contrary, I was fascinated to see a complex, factual look into what beauty is, what justifies our opinions, and how psychology comes into play. In doing so, the book’s argument is hugely supported. Beauty can be redefined – and the chapters about how to redefine your own beauty came across as powerful. Real, tactical advice supported by facts helped me to change my perspective and understand how I can redefine my beauty on a ground-floor level.

Upon reading the summery, I thought that ‘feeling empowered and that my voice mattered’ or ‘ learning to love myself, warts and all’ was a rather tall order. However, I have to concede defeat – I do feel more confident. I do understand beauty as a necessary societal concept, and feel better equipped for bringing my own unique flare to the table – because that’s exactly what humans are designed to do.

Overall, I would definitely recommend this book to anyone curious about how beauty has changed over the centuries, what psychology goes into beauty, and for those who are struggling to accept themselves and their own look. It’s informative, interesting, and even funny at portions. Definitely worth picking up!

HealthyFitCouple said...

I really need to read this book as I totally agree! Most are trying so hard to fit in that mold society as made us to believe is beautiful, we are losing ourselves and our individuality that makes us unique and beautiful!

Jasmine said...

we need more books like this! people should know what real beauty is!

CourtneyLynne said...

Oooo this sounds like one awyread! So need to get myself a copy and read it for myself!

Casa Costello said...

I think this book is more pertinent than ever right now. Beauty is blurring so much in this age of contouring & huge eyebrows. That’s less beauty and more who is the best at application.

Unknown said...

It truly breaks my heart that we often follow the standards of what society thinks is beautiful, and I wish society thought otherwise. We need more literature like this.


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