Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Surviving with RESCUEHER KIT


As women we always need something while on the go, maybe we forgot our mascara at home or the time of them month happens while on date night. Any crazy situation like this gets us frantic and rushing to a drug store or asking another chica for help! Well with the Rescueher Kit that's catered to females it will make things a bit easier if you're stuck in a beauty or womanly situation.

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The $49.95 kit comes in a clutch bag in shades like pink, black and white plus it provides 34 essentials products catered to women. I think its a great idea because a lot of the key items in the bag like bobby pins, a lip gloss and tampons can play a huge factor if forgotten at home. I personally have the Rescueher Kit in my car just so it's very accessible while I am on the go for myself or a friend. It's a perfect place for me to have the kit when I am traveling on the road.

The kit's price range could be more around the $35 bracket especially for college students, I think more would buy if it were lowered. Good thing there is a deal going on at the moment with 15% off with the code SUMMER so that makes things a bit easier if you were interested!

What do you think of the kit? Any products you would add in the mix? Let me know!


Daisy said...

Honestly I think this kit is a very smart idea. I would definitely keep one in my car.... but the price seems way to high....

Waren Jean Go said...

Wow! This is good. I have my own kit with everything in it to save me from hassle when I need to go somewhere that I need to look pretty but it’s a mix of different brands. It’s cool to have just 1 brand though.

Unknown said...

Oh wow! This kit is such a great idea... even better can be used for traveling since it’s so small and combat. I’m definitely going to look into this!

Erica S (EricasRecipes.com) said...

These are things I keep stocked in my desk drawer at work, wo why not keep an emergency kit in the car too. Great idea!

Elizabeth O said...

This is a great idea for a kit, very smart indeed. This is perfect for those who travel too and would really save some time to have everything in one kit like this

Nailil said...

You have so many great products here. I love how everything is travel friendly.


Aditi said...

Great idea and a much needed product for college students!Will certainly recommend it to friends!


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