Saturday, September 9, 2017

Backstage Nails: NYFW Kith SS'18

The backstage nails were of mix of glam and tomboy flavor and I loved it! 

Alicia Torello for essie worked her magic at the Kith SS'2018 show with flashes of red, navy, cream, gray and shearling. Some of the models stunned in nudes while the others rocked a fierce sporty style. The style includes racing stripes and a take on the Champion logo.

Check out how you can achieve the look below.

Champion Look

1.Apply first base base coast
2. Add to coats of blanc
3. On the ring finger apply a half circle of really red, with the flat edge going across the middle of the nail and the curve section dipped toward the nail bed.
4. With a striping brush, add butler please along the flat edge of the semi-circle of really red. Then apply it in an elongated "C" shape around the border of the nail, tapering in at the tips
5. On the remaining fingers paint a vertical line of really red slightly of the right to the middle of the nail. Then apply another stripe of butler please to the left side of the really red line
6. Finish with speed.setter top coat

Nude Look

1. Prep with base base coat
2. Paint two coats with the nude of your choice: bare with me, wild nude, mixtaupe or ballet slippers.
3. Finish with speed.setter top coat

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