Thursday, April 20, 2017

Rocking Maxi Skirts


The Maxi skirt trend hasn't rested since being a showstopping style in pleats and metallic freshness this past season. But now that the weather is warming up and summer glam days and nights shines upon us. It's time to check out what's new with the fun loving trend. Check out my finds below, Happy Shopping!

AMIClubwear $17.50
Crochet High Waisted

This style is great for those tropical vacations or last minute getaways to Miami. The high waisted style is slender on the hips and shows off the curves. It's a flirty transitional necessity as a cover up and also drinks by the tiki bar.

Asos $73
Rara High Low Maxi

This mixes two trends the high and low effect and a maxi style, very fabulous. This skirt is very sexy and chic for date nights. Add a pair of strappy sandals and embellished clutch bag to stand out. I love that the material is soft and flattering making it a signature style for many looks.

Ceremony by Joanna August $175
Looking for a pretty style to wear at a wedding, this is simply gorgeous! The wrap style and the chiffon details makes it so easy on the eyes. Glam it with clustered jewels on the neckline or around the wrist. I love this in the shades Tiny Dancer and Moondance both of these shades are so elegant.

Guess $138
Destin Maxi

Feeling bold and vibrant for the spring, invest in something red ladies! This style is great for casual days, music festivals or brunch dates. Add gladiator sandals, a signature cami tank in white or red and a crop denim jacket. To make it ultra chic you can always add layers of gold necklaces and a crossbody bag.

AEO $39.95
Button Front Maxi

If you're a young fashionista looking for styles for school or for your internship this summer this style is for you. It's youthful, trendy and vibrant for a go-getter! The look can be cool with wedge sandals in blush, nude or white. Add a tote bag that's neutral with cool patches that showcase your likes and personality!


Janey Bloggins said...

I usually don't wear skirts, not because I don't like them, simply because I really never know how to put an outfit together when trying to figure out how to wear them...this helped a lot! thank you!

CPD said...

This is a challenge a lot of women face when finding something they like but not knowing exactly what to mix it with. I love offering tips so I am glad I helped. Now get a gorgeous Maxi skirt💋

Unknown said...

So cute when these models wear them- Im short and my legs are thick and they are not as cute on me- even though I am a bit obsessed with the black one

Vany|misscoilyhair said...

The first skirt really speaks to me. And those prices are amazingly affordable. Love it!

CPD said...

I am short too 5'3. You have to find a style with the right hem line so it doesn't over flow. It can be a challenge for sure because I struggle with it especially when it comes to finding Maxi dresses that aren't too long. Easy shoe style that would help would be a wedge always comfy and gives you a height boost. Yes the black one is fab, and easy beauty tip add some bronzer with a nice highlight to it and apply it on the the legs it will give a slender glow 🙌🏾

CPD said...

Yes the first one is amazing and it can be used as a coverup as well. It's great to find fashionable styles that you can actually shop and buy. I love a good deal and a splurge purchase. 💋

Cherryl's Blog said...

Love that crochet skirt 🙂👌😊


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