Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Style Buzz: Home Office Decor

Need some home office inspiration ideas? Check out my top 5 tricks to make your space extra fabulous!

Vase/Mason Jars

Since the spring season is shortly upon us, time to add some color into the atmosphere. A simple pastel vase with character can easily do the trick. You can also find stylish mason jars or paint them in bold spring colors for pop. Add some of your favorite flowers whether they be real or fake its up to you. Showcase your center piece on the side of your desk for a fabulous look.

Wall Art/Pictures

I love to wake up and be inspired it's a great way to start to my day. Having positive reminders help give you a energy boosts besides the caffeine and wall art is one for me. You can find amazing artists on Etsy that specialize in fashion forward glamour styles. I love the Golden Ark  for her empowerment quotes and champion attitude looks wonderfully displayed on the wall or decorative shelf. 

If you love fashion add that in your office let your industry display your office setup. If  your style is more on the trendsetter vibe rock with the Rongrong Illusration. Great for iconic fashion elements, that add a fine touch of glamour and all your girly wants in life!

Faux Fur

 I love a good faux fur rug to make any room glamorous and elegant. This much needed necessity can be the center flow for your office no matter how big or small. Place in the center of the room or opt as a placement trophy underneath your desk for your own VIP set up.  There are so many styles that offer a sleek or shag theme. To posh it up even more add metallic pillows far that quick mini break and a glam selfie shot! Safavieh Sheep Skin Rug 

Accent Chair
When it comes to home decor your personal style needs to shine and your office should represent you to the fullest. The ordinary look of a office style is no longer boring so add a accent chair as your powerhouse chair. It's the place where you will work the most so make sure it's comfy and is a good fabric for resting your back. I love velvet or soft plush material so I can really snuggle in my sit for many hours. I also enjoy having some pop of color instead of a signature black or safe nude shade. Think outside the box when it comes to the look of your chair my favorite look is this Christopher Knight Home style.

Stylish Mug
Whether you're a tea or coffee drinker sip it up in style. One of my favorite shops Fox and Clover Boutique.  they offer chic and feminine styles and a variety of sayings that will be a smile upon your day. It's also nice to have little trinkets that represent some force of action to start your day. Plus its also great for morning coffee shots on Instagram as well.  Below are my personal favorites that make me feel extra happy!

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