Friday, January 6, 2017

Style Buzz: Home Decor

When it comes to styling it doesn't just stop with your clothes but it also emerges in your lifestyle and that is your home. Whether your budget is high end or on a low budget it's always great to revamp your home with a new look. Below are a few stylish finds that I love that can give you some potential ideas when it comes to decorating.
Faceted Floor Mirror - Emerald Cut
I love a good floor mirror especially one that has style and character. This style is gorgeous for a closet with enough space to house your garment rack and take amazing outfit of the day selfies. To make a statement put it up against a long hall to make it the focal point as a grand entrance.

I enjoy simple trinkets like vases for a quick update in small spaces. These thin tall vases are cute to refresh a bathroom with a small dish of potpourri or white mints. It's inviting and elegant and looks beyond chic.
Fairy Light, Curtain Lights 70 LED 80" Length, Battery Operated

Need to glam that bedroom with a little excitement? I love the curtain lights because it gives glow to a room and it's so calming and relaxing. This look is gorgeous for social entertainment over cocktails.
A sleek table lamp is so ideal for any place in your home. There are so many places to add them whether it be a home office, or decorative living room or your bedroom. It's always best to go with light colors to brighten up the atmosphere.

I am a sucker for glass tables I think it's beautiful and stylish. To get the most out of the style is to keep the objects on it at a minimum. Add a few statement makers to the base and always keep the glass looking clean and flawless for consistent perfection!

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