Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Events: Cheers Chica eBook Launch Party

Just before the holiday season Lillie Morales (blogger behind Jersey Fashionista) and I held a launch party for our eBook "Cheers Chica" a stylish cocktail theme for your holiday parties, celebrations or for entertaining. We added our fashion sense in the mix with presentation while offering cocktail recipes that are light and refreshing.

The launch party was held at Bloomingdales in Short Hills, NJ just before the Christmas holiday and guests were able to enjoy some signature cocktails from Devotion Vodka one of the brands used in our recipes. The vodka is wonderful because their gluten and sugar free but still has that delicious taste.  

 I really appreciated everyone that came out to support our first ebook together it was exciting and fun to have people come out and support even though the holidays were a few days away.


Here is a glimpse inside my signature cocktails in our eBook "Cheers Chica", you can always create your own twist with extra garnish/ingredients to your cocktails and décor it out to make it your personality. It's all about having fun when your entertaining and presentation is everything. All décor  used were from Bloomingdales so you know its fabulous!
Citrus Bubbly
Light, refreshing and simple. To make it less citrus and more sweet add 3 raspberries to the mix.
Sparkling Star
Sweet, simple and light. To make it less sweet and more kicking use less orange juice.
Tropical Holiday
Colorful, sweet and bold. To make it more tropical add more fruit to the mix like strawberries and kiwi.

Below check out the Behind The Scenes footage of us creating our eBook "Cheers Chica" and inside the Launch Party.

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