Saturday, July 23, 2016

Beauty Buzz: OMG Beauty under $10

Sometimes it's hard to indulge in all the expensive brands if you're on a tight budget. With all those fabulous high end reviews and gorgeous glam selfie's on products you can't afford it can be discouraging. If you find yourself in that category at times no need to sweat about it. Below are a few brands and products that will help get you through until your next beauty splurge. Please feel free to share any others in the comments as well ladies!
Hard Candy
Looking to get your lips slightly enhance for the season and beyond? Hard Candy, best known for being a beauty and style brand has this fun budget friendly plumping lip gloss serum for only $6. It comes in a variety of shades that offer a sheer blend and a non surgical options for volumizing fuller bold lips.

Having tame brows that are A-list ready is every woman's dream. These pomade crayons that's a new add on to the Brow Drama collection brings it home. Keep this beauty necessities in hand for those boss days and fierce nights. The crayon comes in great deep shades, it helps keep brows in place and makes them look unstoppable.
OFRA Cosmetics
Have sensitive skin issues look no further. This product is not only excellent in price but also has a hypoallergenic formula making it extra fabulous. Safe enough to use on the face, eyes and lips.
Rich On
If you are a beauty maven and love adding that pop on your pout check these out. Full of pigmentation, variety shades and for only a freaking dollar.  You can rack up on all their popular shades and start perfecting those beauty selfies.

Freeman Beauty
Avocado + Oatmeal Clay Mask $4.29 (Cheaper at Walmart)
Skincare is the #1 beauty routine that is important before anything else. It's a must for every season along with feeding your skin with a pampering session. This product comes in many facial and mask options along with sample packs. These ingredients are a perfect mix for the summer into the fall regimen.

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