Sunday, June 5, 2016

Beauty Buzz + Giveaway: SinfulColors Trends Matters Pure Satin

It's time for the second part of SinfulColors Trends Matters (Pure Satin Mattes) collection with the collaboration of Kylie Jenner! The limited edition collection has been such a great hit and if you're a fan of it make sure to share your pictures on social media with the hashtag #SCKJSatin.
I was given 6 great shades to try and all of them have my taste of pop, fun and boldness. Those key colors are Holly-Wood, Taupe Is Chic, Haute Koffee, Kold Kash, Purple Haze and Korset. This collection offers more bright colors than the Velvety Demi Mattes, which I enjoy. I love mixing the shades and doing fun styles together!  It's the summer season so you have to get creative.
Check out the beauty buzz video featuring two nail looks, my issue with shade Holly-Wood and enter my giveaway!

Holly-Wood + Kold Kash (Before the color change)
 Kold Kash + Purple Haze

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Open to US residents only
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Giveaway ends 6/19/16 (winner will post on blog)

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Andrea Darst said...

Following SinfulColors on Twitter (@adarst213) and FB (Andrea Darst), Following you all ways (IG - @adarst213). Your nails look great!


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