Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Beauty Buzz: It Cosmetics Confidence In A Cream

I love having amazing skin and I also enjoy makeup. But when the makeup comes off and I look in the mirror I enjoy seeing that my skin doesn't have too many imperfections because I maintain a powerful beauty regimen.

For me I can never stop saying skincare is super important and keeping the focus on having the right products around to help boosts your skin. I was sent It Cosmetics new product called Confidence In A Cream which is a nightly moisturizer that can also we worn through the day. I did a full two week process where I snapped photos and also wrote down my thoughts on the process. Check below for the pictures!

In my two weeks the product worked well, I felt that it definitely was hydrating and making my skin look even smoother. I did skip some days in between and when I did I applied it in the morning. After a good two months of being in the process I think it's a great product for women at the peak age in their 30's. Along with balancing out a healthy lifestyle and using products the correct way.

Check out the beauty buzz video below and get a sneak into my beauty regimen routine which features It Cosmetics and other products I use for my skincare needs. And where you can purchase this product for your skincare needs!

Special thanks to Victoria S. at It Cosmetics for the product! I am so happy with how good the brand puts into making quality stuff! You guys rock!

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