Friday, March 4, 2016

Trends Buzz: Feminine Crepe Skirts

The latest trends in skirt obsessions is the crepe, which is seen in wide textures that offer a touch of a crinkled or pebbled style. Some detail a more graceful drape to offer a stronger characteristic appeal of the garment. For me the crepe style shows it's best features when it's in a longer silhouette displaying more of it's power.
Below are a diverse mix in the crepe style to give you options for body type and your personal style. With a few signature tips on how you can rock the trend yourself.
This is a perfect example of the beauty of the draping feature which can be worn with a crop top, off the shoulder or a tie knot top. This style is gorgeous for an upscale event or gathering. The flow and detailing adds continuous movement and grace. Love this paired with soft shades of blush, baby blue and of course whites.
This casual but still signature style has two major details a zipper and a pocket. These factors are essential when styling this look. Rock it with mesh, sheer or stripes. You can add a thick chunky wedge to the look and a studded satchel into the mix.

Boohoo Night
This is one sexy style that can be worked with a blouse, V-neck top or a fitted bodysuit. The stripe design gives it more range to showcase your perfect curves. Add the right heels to complete it in a platform or strappy sandal.
This is a great shade for the office and of course after work networking hours. It offers a sleek feel with its side slit which is great for stilettos, pumps or strappy sandals.
                     Long skirts can be sexy and flirty and this floral style proves it. The front slit allows for some leg action to be the center of all eyes. Add a signature pop on the heels with a strappy  addition and a wavy hairstyle.
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