Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Beauty Buzz: Springing In with MAC

MAC has new spring launches that are worth discussing since the brand stays very current on the trendsetter scene. The first batch making it way are eye shadow compacts that come in 9 shades or 15 shades.
Eyes On MAC
I love having a palette that gives me my basic colors I'm comfortable with along with some pops to give that option to be daring. The 9 shadow palette is $32 which to me is a bit much but I am confident with the brands pigmentation so I can adjust to the price. The only three compacts that I think are beneficial for long term use are the three below.
 Amber Times Nine

Burgundy Times Nine

Purple Times Nine 
The 15 shadow palette gives you more to work with as far as color play but to me it isn't worth $65. I would prefer to have few shadows along with a compact that has a mirror and some type of brush. Even if it was a cheap brush just something extra would be nice if I spending a good deal of money. Below are the only two palettes that I think should be of interest especially if you're a makeup artist. These would be a good add on to your makeup kits.

Cool Neutral

Mellow Modern
*(Some of these palettes are exclusively offered at your local Macy's and Nordstrom)

So MAC has a fragrance Air Style which is surrounding by the scent of floral and wood blends. It comes in three signature sizes with the price ranging from $22-$49.50. I would stick with a nice rollerball size it's lightweight for the spring/summer season and easy to put in smaller bags. You can exclusively find at Macy's signature lipsticks that will collaborate with the launch of this fragrance.

Lastly foundation! The major necessity and complaint I hear so many women rave about. Foundation is a deal breaker when finding the right shade for a woman's skin tone. It's something that I get asked to do within my own collection and I just can't dive into the challenges because I know how hard it is when finding a true match. I must say that this MAC Studio Tech collection stood out to me because it was mostly darker shades. The industry does get slack for not being well diverse when it comes to need. But is it even well diverse now with this new collection?
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