Friday, March 11, 2016

Beauty Buzz: Mascara Brush Styles

When it comes to top mascara brands, I can count my top favorites on one hand. 1) Maybelline Falsies 2) Mally Volumizing Mascara 3) MakeUpForever Smoky Extravagant Mascara and 4) It Cosmetics Hello Lash. To me it's all about the brush style that really focuses on definition and lengthing the lashes.

My #1 top brush style is a tapered brush because it's able to get every lash and it helps with making the lashes appear much longer. My second choice would be a comb like style which is all about detangling and straightening a tigh lash curl. This style is also great for giving a define natural look. 
The four other signature brush styles include curved ( lifts lashes from the roots, helps with curling and forming shape), hour glass ( helps with the inner and outer lashes), jumbo size ( a bigger application in a brush size giving lashes  more of a thicker and dramatic style), super skinny ( majority of the time it's used for the lower lashes).

When using the right brush style for your comfort and beauty needs keep in mind the material you use as well. A plastic applicator is always recommended since it helps with lengthening/separating but demands for more application since the plastic holds less formula. A nylon applicator gives you ton of formula which helps with adding volume in quicker time but isn't the best for separting the lashes.

These are great mascara tips to keep in mind when you shop for new mascara's for the warm season.

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