Tuesday, March 8, 2016

A Look At Me: Rheumatoid Arthritis Physical Therapy Techniques

This is a reader requested video post!
Yes I love fashion and beauty and it's my passion and career. But I also have this annoying disease called Rheumatoid Arthritis that can interfere with my life and cause many challenges for me. Thank god I was gifted with the strength to not let it stop me from being positive, helping my readers who I LOVE! And keeping my passion as strong as ever and I never want to lose that. RA is just a small part of me and I won't allow it to take over and keep me down!
So for those that have sent e-mails and personal comments to me this video is for you. It's a brief RA update, my RA history, my current medication and a few basic RA physical therapy techniques. I hope you're able to get something from my video I honestly could have talked for days on this topic. So it is very long, please enjoy. Thanks-Chastity

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