Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Valentine's Day: Target

This is another post regarding how stores are displaying their Valentine's Day love. Do they really care about us consumers or is it just another plug for them to showcase products for us to buy? Well Target is a store that I am in very often since its about five minutes from my house. I love that it's convenient, clean, quiet and I can always get my hands on items that may be sold out else where.
So since Valentine's Day is days away let's see how Target does in their LOVE for the holiday!
Well I must say I couldn't find anything Valentine's Day related when I walked in. As I walked further through nothing. The card section of course had the common basics that you would find but it wasn't anything inviting. They did have a few cups in the home section with the hashtag LOVE and some love sayings but it was rather boring.
I was confused because at this point I was in back of  the store near the grocery section... And then I thought... Is their Valentine's Day display in the back? Like way in the back.
Now I was very disappointed that it was in the back kind of near the electronics. I came through the front, nothing and had to literally hunt for their Valentine's Day display. If you're looking for last minute Valentine's Day finds all I really captured at Target was candy. That was basically all they were truly selling.
These I thought were cute but it caters more to children, I don't think any adult would want to be cute as a cupcake.

 The gifting ideas were sweet, feminine and basic. A vase with candy decorated resembling a rose or the coffee and tea mugs with a bag of a roast. These are great for gifting like a school teacher or your grandparents.

Their decoration display was very bare, nothing to over the top. There were a lot of DIY projects which are very popular.

 Over all I think Target didn't put any effort in their Valentine's Day theme. It definitely lacked in showcasing, diversity in products and price points to me were rather high for what they were selling.
While exiting out I noticed a women looking in these $1 bins which is located in the front. I decided to peek as well. I did find these great Valentine's Day trinkets. These were the only thing that I loved and purchased. Unfortunately I won't be using any of them for Valentine's Day just other creative concepts.
I loved these cute V-day bags for $1, I plan on using them for product placement pictures or decorative props.

I thought these were cute to put my creative ideas in, business concepts, take on a business meeting etc... I love them so cute.
Let me know if you ladies found any good finds on your Valentine's Day hunt as well. Share your experience!

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