Monday, June 29, 2015

Style Buzz: Wedding Signage Ideas

Make your special day memorable with cute little sayings. These small additions will wow your guests and leave a special mark for display.
I love these displayed around the candy bar, you can have them as a center piece on a cupcake or miniature wedding cake as well.
This timeless signage is great for the entrance to your wedding. Let your guests have their awe moment right along with you!
Since social media plays a huge factor in our lives, turn it up and make the moment viral with your own hashtag. This can capture so many good moments from the eyes of your guests.
This is so cute for your bridal party or even your bachelorette party. The women all leave kisses marked with their lipstick to wish you and yours a lifetime together.
These are so powerful to be displayed on the married couples table at the reception or near their seating. It's a perfect touch to end the night.
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