Monday, May 18, 2015

Trends: Ear Jacket Earrings

This summer season get with the Ear Jacket trend, it's a perfect statement necessity for the glamorous and all the casual divas. You can find great styles in pop shades, pearl themes and even some glitzy if you love. Check out the trendsetter styles below that are budget friendly and splurge worthy.
Nasty Gal
A simple gold addition to add to fun metallic prints or shimmer styles. Rock it with a bronzy glow and a low key lip balm.
Forever 21
This style gives more of an edge, blend it with a strong smoky eye and a vivid lipstick.

These are my favorites for glamming up your dresses, pair it with something sheer and a two piece style.
This style adds a touch of playfulness, great for high ponytail and outdoor parties.

Forever 21
These are a perfect classic look for upscale occasions like weddings, birthdays or engagement parties. It has the expensive look without you spending your whole pay.
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