Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Skin Care: Top Products For Summer

Us women love beauty products and we stay on top of all the new shades and trends to buy. Skin Care is just as important before we glam up our face so it's best to use quality products. If you're looking for a switch to enhance your skin care routine before you apply the goods of foundation and bronzers. Check out some top quality products below to keep your skin looking not only glam with a beat face but stunning in natural light as well.
Estee Lauder
It's at the top of the beauty list with excellent results. With Algae and yeast fighting antioxidants, it amazing for fighting all signs of aging which I need being in my thirties. A small drop goes a long way in helping keep your skin hydrated and radiant. Skin Care is always worth the splurge ladies!

It's always important to give your skin and body a deep scrub. I say 3x a week is ideal even though there are times I push in more. This isn't hard on your face it helps lift the dead skin off with it's cream whipped texture. If you're suffering from dry skin this will really give you hydration. I love using a scrub brush, washcloth or my bare hands when applying my scrub.
This not only smooth's the skin but it helps with blackheads and blemishes. And if you have any acne issues it contains cinnamon which helps calm inflammation so it won't cause further irritation.

Juice Beauty
Very potent in vegetables and fruits, natural elements with the power ingredients of jojoba oil and Shea butter. This product is very strong with helping the skin stay firm and bright. Be careful if your skin is very sensitive it' a bit too strong, and I am a witness to that.
A facial brush is a must have necessity I started late when it came to using one. Now I use it almost everyday on my face and neck. This system works well 2x a day, you can use any facial cream with the 3 brush styles and your face will feel wonderful. I still have a washcloth on hand when it comes to using face scrubs since the beads are more difficult to remove.  But I love this product it's a tool to have for the summer and a long vacation.
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