Friday, May 22, 2015

A Look At Me

Last weekend I spent a short weekend in Long Branch, NJ for a little relaxation and enjoyment. It's a great location for dinning, shopping, cocktails and lounges if you love to mingle. It's also a great place for families and couples to have a chill time at the beach or poolside.
Ocean Place Resort + Spa is a nice resort that has fabulous d├ęcor in there lobby that's huge, featuring wide selections of lounge seating through out the whole establishment.  I loved all of the chairs and sofas plus the black grand piano makes it even more appealing.
The inside features boosts an indoor/outdoor pool, 2 full service bars, pool table, fitness center and outdoor Tiki bar that has an ideal view of the ocean.

 My room had a ocean view which was wonderful, you could see the boutiques and restaurants from the location as well. I was dolled up in my crochet dress from my online boutique, I thought it was the right time to whip out this showstopper. And the majority of the ladies loved it, I was so glad to share my #ootn (Outfit Of The Night) buzz!.  (Bag Charming Charlie , Shoes Vince Camuto).



The restaurant in the hotel is ideal to try, it was raining a bit hard so we decide to enjoy the atmosphere there. I started off with a new cocktail called Malibu Sparkler a mix of peach/coconut, it's so good. A must try from the Malibu Rum brand this might be my summer signature drink. The menu has a wide selection, I ordered a Caesars salad which looked very different from the norm but it was very tasty. And I ordered pork tenderloins so juicy and it made me so full. I did indulge in a chocolate fudge cake as well. I couldn't take any more food pictures since my photo memory was reaching it's limit. So annoying!

 The next day was all about the beach, the weather was super warm but the breeze was in full effect. I can't wait to the official start of summer, to rock a hot bathing suit even though I never get in the water. You still gotta look good, right!

My casual beach day look and last day. Yes I only stayed for one night!! My outfit was super budget friendly at only $44,  top and dress Forever 21 and shoes from Target which I love!! I was able to enjoy some quality time with my guy as well which was so needed since I love to work!! Planning on going back next month for a longer break will take video footage then. Hope you ladies enjoyed this post!

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