Monday, March 16, 2015

Trends: Strike A Pose in a Mini Skirt

When it comes to showing off the legs it's all about flaunting a mini skirt. This trend is going to be popular for the 2015 warm weather season. Find many styles in ruffles, embroider details and that signature color. It's the moment when you want to bring out your inner model's catwalk.  Below are a few strike a pose styles.
Why We Love It
 It adds a bit of chic and sexy appeal with it's flirty illusions, great evening style for date nights and looks glam with the right strappy sandal.
Why We Love It
It's an eye catcher that's meant to be flaunted, bring out your inner confidence with a bold shoe and a scent that lingers for days.
Why We Love It:
Perfect style that's very transitional, rock it with a simple shirt or sheer blouson and bring on those cat eye sunnies.
Why We Love It
It adds a bold pop for a casual style, a mix of caged sandals can give it a chill vibe and a amazing red lipstick makes it a stand out.
Alice + Olivia
Why We Love It
The color combination alone is stunning, adding a satchel bag and a pair of stylish mules brings out its gorgeous features.
Online Boutique

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nena said...

I am not a person that can rock a mini skirt, but I really do think they look good. They are so cute and can be fun as well.


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