Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Beauty Buzz: Glitter Liners That Pop!

If you aren't a huge glitter fan it's time to get out of your comfort zone and be a bit daring for once. Glitter beauty looks are a way to bring that extra glitz to your makeup style. A simple line with just the right sparks adds magic to the eyes. Below are a few beauty products to get you on to your shimmer addiction.
These come in great spring shades for adding color to a basic look or you can rock the neutral shades for a glamorous look at night.

I love all the shades of these gel sparkles, it's more versatile for every day and weekend play. My favorites are Midnight Frost, Sunlit Bronze and I adore Smokey Topaz looks like a goddess color!

For you glitter lovers these should be on your beauty buy list. These give eyes more than just glitz it adds a pieces of art with a 3D-effect. Perfect for the trendsetter who loves a bad ass beauty look.

I love these liners, very pigmented in color and the applicator is so easy to apply. The best shade is Sapphire the color is a gorgeous blue but adds just the right pop for a smokey eye or even just a nude style.
These are budget friendly under $3 and are a great starter for getting into the glitter liner mix. Try to go for a shade that you would wear and one that is over the top. Have fun with it an twirl that wand away.

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