Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Beauty Buzz: Quick Beauty Tips

Quick Beauty Tips
The clock is always ticking when you have so much to do on your list or have to rush for those last minute outings.  It's always good to be prepared and have some tricks up your sleeve to make the process easier. Below are some basic beauty tips to keep you sane when you're on a tight schedule to looking glam.

 Chipped Nails ( add glitter polish to glam up the chip or add a vibrant shade of polka dot elements to bring some pop).

 Bad Hair Day ( hair accessories really help with giving hair a booster, go for styles with metallic finishing and also bling details).

 Beauty Look in Minutes ( need to get glam in a short time, apply a bronzer with light shimmer along the cheek bones and temples in circular motions. This will give you a nice natural glow and add sparkle to your beauty undertones.
Lingering Scent ( let your scent linger with a few spritz on your finger tips add it on a few strands of your hair and also a few sections on your garments).

 Nail Polish Remover Gone ( add clear polish to your nails and then wipe off the clear coat, it will remove the base color).

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