Thursday, November 13, 2014

Beauty: Jergens Flawless Holiday Guide

The holidays are approaching and us women all want to look our best for the special occasion. Two important key elements to make us feel extra fabulous is flawless skin and a stunning holiday style.

To maintain a great skincare technique you must take care of your skin with basic beauty regimens like facials, exfoliating, body scrubs and moisturizes. One signature product to help keep the skin looking refreshed and appealing is Jergens BB Body Cream. I am in my second week of the product and it's a great budget necessity that has become my everyday staple product. For me it gives a polished look, lightly scented and adds hydration at the same time.

Makeup Artist Pati Dubroff uses this product on her A-list clients for special events and at red carpet functions. This product enhances the beauty look when celebs are in their designer gowns, doing photo shoots or when it's time for the spotlight. Below Pati shares how she works her magic with Jergens BB Body Cream at the InStyle + Single Media Inc. event check the video for the beauty buzz.

This product is something you should share with your girlfriends and also add even as a stylish stocking stuffer. It's very budget friendly you can get it around $10-$12 at your Target or even CVS. The product states you will see results within 5 days but I did notice it on my first application. I am very addicted to taking care of my skin so I already follow good beauty regimens to maintain youthful, skin protection and pampering my skin. If you follow simple skin care steps, results will show much faster and you will be feel more confident in the end. Jergens BB Body Cream benefits to even skin tone, adds firmness and illuminates while going on very sheer.
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Great Styles To Rock With Flawless Skin

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