Sunday, August 31, 2014

Fashion Trends: Houndstooth Looks

Key patterns or statement designs are always unforgettable. You want to find the right look for that perfect style. A fun print to try is the Houndstooth trend because is chic, timeless and very feminine. Check out the fabulous styles below.
Motel 2 in 1 Dress
with High Neck in Houndstooth Print
Why We Love It: It's stylish for the budget fashionista, chic with a black blazer and signature black pumps.
       Long-Sleeve Houndstooth Coat & Skinny Leather Pants
Why We Love It: The color pop is glamorous with powerful jewels, great look for the office or a fashionable event.
Houndstooth-jacquard point-toe flats
Why We Love It: A great match for a trench coat, comfy sweater and a chic white blouse.
Saint Laurent
Check Yourself Skirt
Why We Love It: It's a flirty look for day into night, transitional for the office with sexy strappy heels.
Stella McCartney
Large Soft Clutch
Why We Love It: It's edgy, a statement maker and it's perfect for that dramatic attention.

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