Friday, July 18, 2014

Style: Trendy Accessories

We all love adding accessories to our look to make our outfits come to life. Whether it's a flashy bracelets to add to a simple style or hair accessories to make it us feel more grand it's all about completing your look. Below are a few trendy accessories that can work in to your stylish dress code.

Fringe Stretch Bracelet
   Sale: $29.90
Why We Love It: It can create edge to a sophisticated LBD or all white fitted dress and its a trendy style for a night out.



Why We Love It: A scarf that's feminine can really bring out a simple look, it's a great trend as a belt and also hair accessory.

Why We Love It: The glitz on this clutch is gorgeous for metallic outfits and matching heels, rock it at your next night out.
Why We Love It: Hair accessory can glam bad hair days and even make your best attire look stunning. Play it up with pretty loose waves or a sassy French braid.
Clare V
Why We Love It: The foldover clutch is a trend that works well with dresses and pants, the patterns on this make a statement plus it transitional.
My Online Boutique

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