Thursday, May 1, 2014

Maternity Style: Summer Trends

Having a baby is such a wonderful experience for new moms and dads. This is the time that women connect with their little ones growing inside and embrace their beautiful bodies. At times it can be very hard to keep up with fashion trends that are seen in the top magazines but you can still be a trendsetter. Below are a few summer looks that will make you feel your best through your pregnancy.
This style comes in a variety of colors, it's comfy and the flowing details make it a great look during the day or for a special occasion.
This t-shirt is super cute with yoga pants, leggings or your signature jeans. They needed one for those ladies who are having twins as well.

    I love the look of this halter swimsuit, its very gorgeous and it shows off a fabulous baby bump.
    Yes you can still rock a pair of sexy skinny jeans! Add this in your date night look with a comfy sweater or you can also wear your flats and a pretty red lip.
    This maxi dress is great for a daytime walk or summer outing, add teal keds and straw bag to the style.
    This t-shirt can be worn three ways, you can jazz it up with metallic accessories or a trendy cross-body bag.

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