Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Giveaway: Inside My Closet

This March's Inside My Closet Giveaway is here featuring brands from Laura Geller, Target, OCC, Mark, Kinara and more.
Check out the scoop in the video.

Giveaway rules
Tell me all the items you want.
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Ends 4/1 winner will be posted on blog.


Unknown said...

fb : alexandra-elisabet dorofte
twitter : @dorofteelisabet
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e-mail :

Unknown said...

laila hermosa mercado

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g+ share:

Andreea said...

FB: Andreea Sirba
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Twitter: I don't have an account

Rita Castro said...

TWITTER: @RitaLakefront

Unknown said...

done, thanks!
Fb: Cogito Ergosum
Bloglovin: cogitoergosum8587
Pinterest: cogitoergosum71
Gfc: Isa Val
Twitter: @luvalz

Unknown said...

Wow, all of great items on your closet, so hard to choose! Can i be greedy!? LOL
I want those Brown Studded clutch, Coral Target bag, Mark black bag, Soft twist roller, L'oreal miracle blur, Elizabeth Taylor perfume, Laura Geller SPF =D

FB : Ria Alemina
Twitter : @ria_alemina
Email :
Shared :
Tweeted :

Thank you! =)

Unknown said...

fb:Helen Smith

Alexey Petrov said...

I want Brown Studded clutch
FB: Alexey Petrov
tw: @K00mar4ig
tw share:

Elizabeth carrion Garcia said...

hi girl always with your amazing giveaways <3 , so i will love to have the coral bag one, and the two with the dots :) the nude ( wallet) and the black one , the perfume and the lip tarte hahaha to much but you have to many things you dont use :) you are so lucky :) well send you love from mexico byrr

Unknown said...

I love the black studded pouch, the coral bag, and also the black bag
FB: Kimberly Bersamina
Twitter: @10velvetletters

Unknown said...

done, thanks!
Fb: maria cristina cellerino
Gfc: maria cristina cellerino
Twitter: @CMacriser2004

Unknown said...

Done Thanks for the Giveaway i love to win this colal bag and clutches <3
FB: Afsana prasla
Bloglovin: Afsana prasla
Twitter: @afsanaprasla
Pintrest: Afsana prasla
GFC: Afsana amir ali
Shared on fb:
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Unknown said...

love to have these:L'oreal miracle blur, Elizabeth Taylor perfume, Laura Geller SPF

Unknown said...

FB: Mary maría
FB shared:
Twitter: @Marymariayo

I love the coral bag!!

Judy Thomas said...

FB: Judy Thomas
FB Share:
I love the Brown studded purse, Mark Bag, Spiritual Oil,Miracle Blur and Kinara.
Awesome Giveaway :)
Judy Thomas

MaeRi said...

Twitter Share:
Google + Share:
the coral bag,the black bag,brown studded clutch,L'oreal miracle blur,Laura Geller SPF,Soft twist roller,dress.
Thank you for this awesome Giveaway ^.^

Elena Rudaya said...

YT subscriber - Elena Rudaya
Twitter - @elenarudaya
FB - Elena Rudaya
Shared on Twitter -
Email - queen-of-pain @
I'd like to have Kinara primer and L'Oreal Miracle Blur, Perfume and SpaRitual Oil
Thanks for the chance ♥

Unknown said...

Shared onfacebook too :

karin said...
fb Karin Shaim
twitter @cookiesmasher9

and I would definitely love the perfume,the brown studded clutch,Loreal miracle blur the black studded clutch,and kinara primer

Anonymous said...
fb : Hingrid Winchester
share :
twitter : 01_demi

Cristina said...

Super giveaway, thanks!
FB: Cristina Popescu
Twitter: @crisstinap
My tweet:
Goocle+:+ Cristina
Shared on G+:
I want Elizabeth Taylor perfume, L'Oreal Miracle Blur, Kinara Primer, SpaRitual OIL

Helena Oops said...

Thank you for this great giveaway!
Fb:Jens Ken Lundstrom
You tube:Helena Oops
Shared the giveaway on fb:
And on google+:
This is my tweet:
All the perfumes are so lovely,the prize is wonderful!Thanks!
Fingers crossed!

samantha.tedesco said...

Elizabeth Taylor perfume ^_^

Follow me on twitter: @samanthatedesco
Like FB page: Samantha Tedesco
Share Giveaway:

Unknown said...

Pretty all!I would like the zpalette,Laura geller,lip tar and the coral bag.
Shared on twitter(DomnikiSarri)
Fb and you tube name: Domniki Sarri

Ashwini Prashanth said...

I really like the brown and black studded clutches! They are so classy yet casual, can be paired with daytime outfits as well as for parties :)
Followed all the rules!
Twitter handle: @ash_snowflake
Facebook name: Ashwini Prashanth
Shared on Twitter here:
Email ID:

Thanks so much for the supercool giveaway!!! :D :D

Unknown said...

wow awesome giveaway..

Twitter- veena vinyas
facebook- veena vinyas
mail id-
Shared on fb. -

I loved all the items.. I would love to win coral bag n black bag.. n kinara primer..n L'oreal miracle blur

fingers crossed

Yolanda said...

I would love to win the SpaRitual body oil, Kinara primer and OCC pink gloss. Thanks!
fb/ Yolanda R
Shared video via fb

IngerFaraHarpa said...

fb: Mihaela Preda
twitter: @mhlpre82
I would love to win Elizabeth Taylor perfume.

Unknown said...

I would love to win L'Oreal Miracle Blur and Elizabeth Taylor perfume.
FB: Slađana Sušilović
Twitter: @ssusilovic

Di Ana said...

I would love to win The Coral bag , the 2 clutches , the perfume and L'Oreal Miracle Blur! Ty so much for the giveaway! :*:*
FB: Dani Elle
Twitter : @Dydy96
Share on FB:
Youtube: fluturash996

Nyquwn said...

Omg I want all the items. But I'm most excited with the black bag and the perfume.
Done follow your twitter and fanspage.
Twitter: @kemkekem
Facebook: Niken S. Arimas
Link share:

Thank you :)

Christina Dragan said...

Youtube: christina00099
Twitter: @kris_tinaD
Facebook: Kristina Lora D
Bloglovin: Christina D
I'd really want to win the Laura Geller SPF20 foundation, OCC pink lip tar, Kinara Primer.

va said...

i like pretty much everything you have nice choices , thanks .
My faves though are grey n black sling bag , 2 coin purses , and the one piece of clothing with the floral print .
fb ana amanti
twitter @va_va33
i google plus it too - moominu mi is my username
tumblemumbo at

Unknown said...

yen morales

fb: yen morales
twitter: @kehrinmorales

i love the brown studded clutch

Alexandra Cîrlea said...

Twitter: @AlexandraPainte
Facebook: Alexandra Cîrlea
Share G+:
Share on FB:

Unknown said...

Thank you for this awesome giveaway! :)
My Favourites: I love the Coral bag <3 Studded clutches & Mark black bag.
Name: Shankari
Twitter: @shwethasays
Facebook: Shankz Shwe (Shankari)
Share G+:
Share on FB:
Email Id:

Unknown said...

I want those Brown Studded clutch, Coral Target bag, Mark black bag, Soft twist roller, L'oreal miracle blur, Elizabeth Taylor perfume, Laura Geller SPF
fb: Masha Masha
tw: @masha87bp

Camelia Andrasescu said...

Amazing giveaway, thank you!
Email :
FB : Adriana Camelia Andrasescu Scrieciu
Share :
Twitter : @cameliaadriana
I'd like : Elizabeth Taylor perfume,Brown Studded clutch, Coral Target bag, Mark black bag, Soft twist roller, L'oreal miracle blur, Laura Geller SPF

Faryal Jatoi said...

Shared link
Fb فریال بلوچ
Pinterest Faryal Khan Baloch
Twitter @FaryalKBaloch
GFC Faryal Husnain
Bloglovin Faryal Khan Baloch

T Iv. said...
Facebok: Tina Ivanisevic
Twitter: @TinaIvanisevic
I would love parfume and primer

Unknown said...

I love that pink bag so much!!
Nessacawell on IG.Twitter
shared on google plus


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