Friday, March 7, 2014

Fashion Trends: Overalls

Overalls are not only worn by the young kids it can be styled in a way to add a feminine touch. Key elements you need to make it feel more wearable is 1) a nice style, 2) sexy heels, 3) a fitted shirt underneath, 4) major accessories and 5) a glam face. With those helpful tips you can make it happen. Check out a few styles below that can make it all worth while.
 If you love a style that's fitted because you think you hold your own, this is one to snatch up with a awesome pair of open toe booties and signature cat eye shades, it completes it totally.
 If you like to chill out on the weekends, this cut-out style is trendy with fresh kicks or a bright pointy heel.
 The stonewash color make its easy to pair with a crop top in florals or light shades, a metallic clutch bag and a tassel necklace.
 Quincy Overall  Citizens of Humanity  $297
The color is transitional for now and the warm season, make it chic with a cardigan, casual with a scoop tee and glam with jeweled hair accessories.


                Anniaika Citizens of Humanity $328

This style can be worn for late afternoon and transformed into night just with accessories and shoes. Keep it basic during the day and make it shimmer at night.



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nena said...

Oh my. I used to love me some overalls back in the day! I had this one pair that was a capri fit and they had a hood. My mom bought them for my birthday when I turned 13. Oh gosh, I LOVED those overalls. I have always found them to be comfortable and versatile. I am gonna keep an eye out for a pair that will work for me. I think it's awesome that they are making a comeback.


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