Thursday, September 5, 2013

Beauty: Budget Cheap under $10

If you love beauty but can’t afford the luxury brands at the moment there’s always another option and that is the budget way. Below are a few budget finds that can work into your fall beauty looks.

Full Face Palette $9.80

This palette is a similar style to the well known e.l.f palettes, it offers a how to guide, eye shadows, signature blushes, lip-glosses and liners. Plus it comes in two great color shades as well for a day or night time look.


bareMinerals Pretty Amazing Lip Color In Rouge $10

This lipstick is a smooth texture that feels amazing on the lips as well. The color is a deep burgundy a retro color shade for the season, rock it to your next cocktail party.

Nail It Trend Mini Lacquers $7

Deep color lacquers are a major addition for the season it’s classic for the day and also even glammiest at night. The finish is a playful metallic that makes your all black attire stand out from the crowd.

e.l.f. Studio Prism Eyeshadow $10

These six shadows will keep you set until the holiday season, get dramatic with it by blending with the other darker shades and doing a fierce cat eye.


Bold liners just became more intense this season and if you’re not a pro at it it’s okay because it’s all about pulling off your own creative line. Mix up two shades for a night time effect and remember darker on the top and lighter on the bottom.

essie For The Twill Of It Collection $8

Essie is back with a whole new collection that screams delight. Six shades to capture for those #NOTD postings or your next beauty tutorial.


CosmeticCrazy said...

Love Essie's Fall collection this year.

nena said...

I have been pretty impressed with the Forever21 brand of cosmetics. I haven't seen the full face palette yet but I will give it a try. There are some other really good finds for under $10 here. Milani is definitely one of my fav drugstore brands.


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