Saturday, July 20, 2013

To The Readers

Happy Weekend


Another weekend posts squeezed in since I missed yesterday! I am glad the weekend is here but it’s been super hot for the last week making it so uncomfortable. I love the summer but I am so ready for the fall season I can’t take it, lol. I wanted to share with you ladies especially the ones that have followed me from the beginning stages a update on my R.A status (Rheumatoid Arthritis). My doctors have finally taken me off the steroids Prednisone medication because my R.A is doing excellent and I have improved. I am still on my other meds but that one in particular was causing my weight to increase, giving me high blood pressure and a ton of food cravings. Now my pudgy face will be back to normal so if you do start to see changes that’s why.

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nena said...

That is wonderful to hear that you are doing much better and can eliminate the steroids. I am still amazed that you continue to be so driven and work hard even when you are not feeling 100%. Looking forward to upcoming videos and posts.


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