Friday, June 14, 2013

To The Readers

Happy Weekend


I am so glad the weekend is here I have been so busy with things that I am looking forward to not using the computer at all, lol!! Sometimes things can get very overwhelming and when this happens for me I need that shut down period. Don’t worry I am not taking a break just need to rejuvenated a bit it ; ) If you ladies were eyeing my Glamour Girl Collection it’s currently on sale this weekend for $25 perfect set for your summer needs or a fun gift for your bestie as well. Below are images of me rocking the look as well. If any of you have purchased the collection or items from the collection share your beauty look as well I would love to see how you worked it in with your signature beauty products.

S3330064S3330052Glamour Girl Collection2

Upcoming on the blog

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Upcoming Videos: Bloopers: Behind The Scenes Women’s Issues Topics, Nail Tutorial: The Diamond Effect, Beauty Review: mark. Glossworks Longwear Lip Gloss SPF 15

Upcoming Giveaways: Essie, mark., Senna Cosmetics

Thanks again ladies for all your support hope you all have a wonderful weekend.



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nena said...

You are right, sometimes you need to step away and rejuvenate yourself. Happy weekend!


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