Thursday, May 16, 2013

Women’s Issues Topics Series 4 + Giveaway

This week's topics focus on the following questions
1) What 3 things should a woman always have in her closet to wear
2) How can women who leave the corporate world to stay home with the kids contribute to the household
3) How to know if your friends are truly your friends
4) Why do women copy or are jealous with each other
5) Do you tell someone if they have a body odor
6) Date night looks for a couple who doesn't go out much
7) What to do when you lack confidence because you think your friends look better than you.

Giveaway: bareMinerals Moisturizer + Revlon Nail Lacquer in Coin
Just give us 2 questions on any topic and the person with the best questions will win. Giveaway ends 5/25/13 winner will be posted on blog and via twitter link.

1 comment:

Unknown said...

Hi, I watched your Womens issues Topics Series 4. And I believe that 2 of the questions that I requested to be talked about were discussed. It was question 4 & 5. I know that question number 5 was one for sure. It was the body odor question. Thank you for discussing that topic. I knew someone with that issue and I pulled them to the side and lovingly told them and purchsed them a basket of body products ang gave it to her. She wasnt mad but a little embarassed. Anyway thank you for choosing 2 of my questions! I love your blog.

Hey do you win anything if your questions are picked? Just wondering...


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