Friday, May 24, 2013

To The Readers


Happy Holiday Weekend


Happy rainy holiday weekend if you’re on the east coast, our holiday kicks off with down pours until Monday, ;( But I hope the rest of you are getting in the sun and rocking your new trends this weekend. I will be celebrating on Monday since that’s going to be the best day so I will be tweeting for sure!

Special thanks to the GlitterITCrew for all the support again and the new readers as well our Facebook Page is such a hit. I want to add much different content than the blog on that page so tell me some things we can add to make it more fab!

Next week my Limited Edition Summer Glamour Girl set debuts so I will be doing a video showing you everything that’s featured in the set. As always thanks for the supporting all my brands you ladies all ROCK!

Coming up on the blog

Upcoming Posts: Summer BBQ Party Decorations/Ideas, Comfy But Stylish Workout Gear, Beauty: The Fab Under $10

Upcoming Giveaways: Custom Nail Solutions, bareMinerals Moxie, G Swag Bag, MAC Cosmetics

Upcoming Videos: Beauty Review: Youngblood Cosmetics, OOTD: Inside Our Trends, Behind The Scenes/Bloopers/Beauty Tips from The Makeup Show NYC




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