Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Fashion Trends: Under $50

Southwest Quest Cream Print Shorts $41

Why We Love It: The teal and coral shades are fun for a warm summer day, you can wear a comfy wedge heel or opt for bejeweled flats.



Why We Love It: It’s a great signature work bag with a spark of color, add some linen pants and stripes with this look.

Bamboo Gorgy 01 White Single Strap Wedges $28

Why We Love It: White sandals can make a simple look into a fancy style, these wedges are easy for last minute gatherings and they dress up your basic jeans too.

Fuchsia White Checker Print Sexy Dress $36.99

Why We Love It: This playful dress is great for a date night or fun brunch out, add a simple white tote bag to kick it up even more.

Bettye Muller Cannes Open Toe Wedge $39.59

Why We Love It: The colors work well with neutral shades add a nice white blouse or do a fun graphic tee with these wedges.

Dizzy Bow Jelly Thong $14.99

Why We Love It: These are great for the beach/pool, a quick throw on for running errands or going to the nail salon. Their cute and the price range is worth it.

Neon Alaqua Bib $36

Why We Love It: The pop on the bib goes well with a all denim style, add it in with all white or a tribal mix.

Tribal Print Sleeveless Dress $24.80

Why We Love It: The style is all around comfy but it can still be stylish with bold accessories, a great statement bag and fabulous heels.


VARS $29.98

Why We Love It: It’s a great shoe for a prom or wedding, the rhinestones dress it up more so add your best fancy jewelry to get the glam appeal going.

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nena said...

Such great finds. I love those jelly thongs, the bow on top really adds a playful aspect.


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