Friday, May 10, 2013

Beauty Tips: Quick 5

As we switch seasons it’s important to keep your face glowing as the warm weather approaches.  Below are 5 easy tips that you can start doing now to help boost your skin to looking radiant.


1) SPF

Keep your skin covered and protected, you can always get a foundation that contains a sunscreen protection or keep that moisturizer on hand and reapply throughout the day. Best all around SPF is 30.


Clear out the pores and give your skin a good cleaning but be very gently, over scrubbing can cause breakouts or redness to your skin.You should exfoliated at least 3x a week, always have it on your beauty to do list.


Keep the skin hydrated and moist it will always look polish and vibrant when you do. Use a hydrating face mask or a misting spray and keep it in your tote bag.


Add lemon in your water, it’s the best necessity and refresher for your skin. This helps detox the skin and increase melanin production.


Get those vitamins in your system to help maintain a healthy looking appearance, you can eat carrots or sweet potatoes and almonds or sunflower seeds. They all help repair free-radical damage.


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1 comment:

nena said...

I did not know this about lemon, I will be adding lemon to my water from now on. One of my tips, is to drink plenty of water, especially since the weather is starting to warm up. Water is so important and it helps your skin look great.


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