Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Beauty Buzz: Pink Ice Nail Enamels



Pink Ice get’s colorful with their nail enamels that are easy to wear for now into the summer season and will only cost you $1.99. Our two favorite shades that go well with floral prints and stripes are Wild Thing and Scream.

WildThingScream These polishes can be a great budget beauty find if you love changing up your nail colors often and making fun nail statements. The other shades in the collection include

  1. Strapless- Bright blue glitter in clear base
  2. French Kiss- Princess crème blue
  3. Flirt Alert- Bright orchid pink crème
  4. Jackpot- Magenta pink with a pearl finish

Which Are Your Favorite Shades?

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1 comment:

nena said...

These colors are gorgeous. I live that they are so affordable as well. My favs are French Kiss and Flirt Alert. Is it just me, or are these names a little sexy?


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