Friday, March 8, 2013

Beauty: Makeup Brushes 101

When it comes to applying my makeup I use a mix of brushes to complete my look and I usually don’t follow the rules. I feel like it’s all about finding techniques that work for you and that brings your beauty look to life. If you are very detailed about using the correct brushes for applying or just want to know the basic ones’ that go hand in hand below are a few basic brushes to know. You can simply by budget brushes they work just as well as the expensive brands but once you’ve practiced your makeup looks and feel more confident in what you see do invest in quality brushes they lasts much longer.

Blending Brush

Pro Blending Brush #27 $20

For shading the creases in your eyes, highlight cheek bones and ridge of your upper lips.

Powder Brush

Powder Brush $57

Helps with smoother application and it’s also good for applying bronzer.

I.T. Angled Natural Blush Brush $32

It gives amazing contouring under your cheekbones without streaking look.

Eyeliner Brush

Angled Eye Liner Brush $24

Perfect for getting the perfect line, apply with quick strokes.

Eye Shadow Brush

All-Over Shadow Brush $30

Helps with sweeping shadow from lashes to brows.



Rose Gold Mineral Brush Set $48

Sonia Kashuk® Limited Edition "Star Studded" 7 pc Brush Set

Sonia Kashuk® Limited Edition "Star Studded" 7 pc Brush Set $24.99

Mon Amour Brush Set $25 LIMITED EDITION

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nena said...

I tend to be like you, I use brushes for all different purposes. I sometimes don't like when companies label a brush with a name, because some women tend to think that is all you can use a certain brush for. Of course, there are some brushes that should be used for certain things, like a blending brush or an eyeliner brush, but I think it is important to use what works best for you. I am dying to try Sonia Kashuck brushes, they look like very good quality at an affordable price.


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