Thursday, January 3, 2013

Maternity: 5 Quick Labor + Delivery Tips



The excitement of having a baby is beyond joyful but the thought of labor pains can cause the mind to get stressed out. Here are a few tips that can help make things more manageable in the delivery room for you and your family.

1. Take A Class

Taking a childbirth class get’s you prepared for what to expect in the delivery room, this is your time to ask all those curious questions and have some knowledge of what to expect in delivery room. Do enroll in these classes early.

2. Keep Your Body Strong

Staying fit is important while pregnant because you want to strengthen the body for that stamina boost. Practice squatting before heading in  the labor room (It increases the size of the pelvic by 25 percent) take on some yoga or keep a active walking schedule.

3. Secure Support

A doula ( a woman trained to provide emotional support and comfort during and after labor) can help reduced the need for pain medication, the frequency of cesarean sections and the length of labor. Choose an obstetrician or midwife you trust that listens to you and supports your preferences for your birth.

4. Stay Relaxed

Learn techniques that will keep you at ease and help you in the delivery room like position changes, different breathing techniques, soothing music and low lights.

5. Get Up

Bouncing on a birth ball, walking, squatting and getting down on hands and knees can help labor go more quickly and easily. Laboring women should also avoid lying flat on their back during labor, as it puts pressure on blood vessels that supply the uterus and prevents gravity from helping the baby descend.

What Tips Can You Offer To New Moms Expecting For The First Time?


nena said...

Love this post! As an expectant mother, I would say one of the best pieces of advice I received was not to have a set birthing plan. I had been told that birth cannot be planned as you want it unless you are scheduling a c-section. This was the case with both my daughters. I went into labor with no set plan and I just went with what my body wanted to do.

nena said...

Another great tip that I followed after giving birth was to get plenty of rest and wrap my post partum tummy tightly. I see many girls/women out and about soon after giving birth. Now I know everyone heals differently, but for me I stayed home for 3 weeks before going out and I let my body heal. I also wrapped my tummy as soon as I returned from the hospital and it really helped with my post partum tummy. This time around I will be using my gift card that I won in the G swag bag giveaway to get some slimming shorts to help with that.

Unknown said...

Well, I did not know I was expecting until I was 7 months along! No worries though ladies, I had a healthy baby boy =D

Adell said...

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