Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Shoes: New Year’s Eve Glam

It’s that time of year when your outfit and shoes matter, check out what glam styles should be on your radar.

Boutique 9 'Nickeya' Peep Toe Pump

Boutique 9 'Nickeya' Peep Toe Pump $149.95

Why We Love It: The biggest trend on NYE will be sequins and this brings the sparkle, it’s a party girl style and it mixes perfectly for making a glam statement.

Harty - Black Nude Lace Satin
Vince Camuto $99

Why We Love It: For those chica’s rocking a LBD this adds a twist in your look, it’s great for a simple NYE cocktail gala and the style is still a head turner.

Glint 'Radiance' Pump

Glint 'Radiance' Pump $119.95

Why We Love It: It’s a major statement heel so your outfit needs to bring it, the color will get their attention right away and it can make a simple dress FABULOUS in seconds.

Lexis - Glaze Silver Powder Met
Vince Camuto $139

Why We Love It: It works a silver and white dress look for the night, the style brings the sex appeal and the over all design is worth the splurge.

Merci 2 Black and Gold D'Orsay Platform Heels $39

Why We Love It: This is a safe heel but the height and platform gives it that edge, rock it with a dress or outfit with MAJOR embellished trinkets to pull the look together.


Unknown said...

I love the Vince Camuto, Glint 'Radiance' Pump and the Boutique 9 'Nickeya' Peep Toe Pump

Carla said...

Good choices! I think I like the Merci one. - Carla


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