Friday, November 30, 2012

Boots: Holiday Wish List

Below are a few stylish selections from your budget to your splurge to add on your holiday wish list.

Rachel Roy “Giselle” $495

A deep plum boot with class and sophistication makes this style it’s own. The look is very fashion forward, great style to rock for a winning look with a well fitted sheath dress, a fabulous bold wool belted coat and a badass pair of sunglasses.

Lauren Conrad Fringed Midcalf Boot $39.99

Great style for the college girls to add to their wish list, the style is comfy for those early morning classes. Work it in with your skinny jeans, fleece hoodies or Victoria’s Secret pink gear ; )

Bowen - Black Velvet PU
Michael Antonio $99.99

This is a great night out boot with a trendy effect, rock it with all black pants and a bedazzled collard necklace. The heel is insane so make sure you practice that strut ladies ; )


UGG Kendrick Wedge $350

This is a great quality wedge boot, the brown is more ideal it because it looks much richer and stylish over the black. It’s a great signature boot that will lasts over many seasons as well.

Rock and Republic Ankle Boots $29.97

These are a great comfortable boots if you don’t like embracing a heel or it’s a great gift for a young girl who is getting into the fun of shoes for the first time. Wear it with a simple sweater or caplet.

Ivanka Trump 'Vita' Boot

Ivanka Trump Vita Boot $149.47

This style is so amazing and on sale so it’s a worth adding on that wish list. It comes in tan and black but the blue is so unique and noticeable. Great colors to bring it out are winter whites and camel shades.


Colin Stuart Lace-up Boot $128

These are a great pair of chunky boots that I LOVE. It fits well with a denim jacket or leather jacket. And add a long flowing skirt to dress it up or sweater dress.


Unknown said...

Rock and Republic Ankle Boots are wonderful !

Anonymous said...

Boots 1,3, 6 and 7 please need them in my closet :)

Hola Bambi said...

Those are some gorgeous boots! Xx

nena said...

Love boots for the winter. Expecting a baby is forcing mr to go with a smaller heel but I love the high stiletto heels.

Anonymous said...

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