Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Trends: To Add To Your Closet


Cleopatra Stud Earrings Cleopatra Stud Earrings $50

These earrings go well with a simple LBD or your basic all black leggings with those trendy OTK boots you bought for the season. The stylish pearl beads give it that glamour girl vibe and the additional chain effect makes it hard and edgy.


 Greenwich Animal Blouse $69.00

Nothing screams sexy like a haute looking leopard style. This is a great piece to add for those last minute outings with the beau or a late night of cocktails with the bestie. Add a red lipstick to the mix for a true fashionista look.


 Glenisan - Brown Multi Pony $120

The fall season is all about adding that extra pop and this is one way to dive in it to the fullest. These platforms can be rocked with so many different styles because of all the color options that it gives. You can add it with a black pencil skirt at work, mix it in with a nude sheath dress or make it glisten with a gold metallic mini at the holiday party.

Look at This Mesh Burgundy Dress  - Click Image to Close Look at This Mesh Burgundy Dress $34

Even though peplum dresses are a trend it remains on the fashion radar for spring and summer 2013. The best thing to do with trends is to buy timeless styles in the trends so that its always workable after the trend is dead. This peplum style creates sheer, structure and the best shade for a transitional color making it so easy to transform to current fashion. Plus its such a bargain at  $34.

Cass - Taupe PU - 159.99 Cass - Taupe PU $159.99

These boots are amazing for bold statements that’s needed to captivate a style with a twist. Best portrayed with an all denim style, a short ruffle lace skirt or a leather jacket and shorts combo.

Penny Purple Purse Penny Purple Purse $27

Sometimes a simple purse is all that is needed to define a chic and classic look and this one brings out that. The color is deep enough to work well with many fall shades and is so versatile that you may want to rock it daily just for the fun of it.

: Spike Hair Cone $13.80

This is a great trendy hair accessory for those bad hair days or if you want to play up your edgy style. Make it glam with a high bun or make it playful with a pony with loose curls.

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