Monday, August 13, 2012


The Swag Bag Giveaway for August was a huge success and I am actually going to give a extra prize to one lucky reader…

Prize 1 Dance1596 YOU ROCK! Enjoy your Gatsby Root Spray ; )

Prize 2 Bridget Peoples Enjoy your 3 palettes and clutch.

Extra PRIZE goes Jellythedog02 I loved your video response because you put so much effort in it and you were so sincere with your words. I enjoy connecting with my subscribers and just the addition of a picture would have been perfect!  So you will be getting a exclusive GLITTERBUZZSTYLE Swag Bag that will include a bunch of goodies that have been in previous giveaways and new one’s that will be in future giveaways.

Thank you to all that entered and check back on Friday for a special weekend GIVEAWAY ; )


Please send your full contact info to

1 comment:

CosmeticCrazy said...

Congrats to all and thank you to "glitterbuzzstyle"!!


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