Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Brand Spotlight: Jewelry Bar


The Jewelry Bar is a great brand for affordable and trendy accessories. I discovered them at a Shecky’s Girls Night Out and I adored all the trinkets I found and purchased. Check out what accessories are a great addition to add to your summer wardrobe!

Snap Leather Bracelet $24

Why We Love It: It comes in a variety of colors to give you a bit of pop and it also makes a statement if you wanted to just add it to a casual look. The style is edgy and versatile for all seasons.

Mushroom Earrings $14

Why We Love It: Their simple but with a touch of dazzle. They come in a selection of great summer colors and the price is very affordable. Great addition to glam up a simple every day look.

Short Green Quartz Framed Pendant Necklace $26

Why We Love It: The color tells it all add this with a fresh white outfit or make it stand out with a maxi dress. The pendant is a timeless piece and all woman can rock this style.

Stackable Rings $20

Why We Love It: Stackable rings are such a trend and these are very stylish and also affordable. It comes in a wide selection of colors so you can mix and match. Their so fun to play up with the transitional shades and rhinestone blends.

Silver Moroccan Coral Earrings $69

Why We Love It: The coral gives it that true feminine touch and it’s a great look for the beach and summer.


Check out more on Jewelry Bar and follow them on Twitter @jewelrybar

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