Monday, April 9, 2012

Events: Guam Beauty Mud

Guest Blogger: Malan B. Heavy On Fashion

I had the chance to attend the The GUAM Beauty Mud Pop Up Beauty Event at the Roger Smith Hotel, RS Pop Shop. GUAM® is a Italian based beauty company that sells products all over the world. Finally GUAM is bringing their all natural products to the United States. Everyone at the GUAM Beauty Mud Pop Up Store had a chance to preview 4 beauty products - the Anti Cellulite Mud - GUAM® Beauty Mud Seaweed Anticellulite Treatment, GUAM® Fangocrema Anticellulite Cream, GUAM® Algascrub Anti Cellulite Marine Salt Scrub, and the GUAM® Fangocrema Notte Anticellulite Cream.

For the Anti Cellulite mud treatment for home, all you need is the Guam Anti cellulite mud, Saran wrap, and 15 minutes. According to one of the GUAM reps I talked to, the entire GUAM line can give you an full anti cellulite spa treatment for around $300 for 3 month. If you think about it is a great bargain considering that a similar spa treatment is about $180 per session.

GUAM® Beauty Anti cellulite Mud retails for $69. GUAM® Beauty Anti cellulite Mud is the #1 selling anti cellulite product in Italy.

The mud allows you to pamper yourself at home and combat the appearance of cellulite by tightening, firming and removing excess water trapped in the fatty deposits of the skin.

GUAM® Algascrub Anti Cellulite Marine Salt Scrub retails for $59

The scrub helps to exfoliate and nourish your skin while combating the appearance of cellulite.

GUAM® Fangocrema Anticellulite Cream retails for $59

A leave on cream that helps tighten and brighten the skin.

GUAM® Fangocrema Notte (Night time) Anticellulite Cream retails for $93

The cream helps the skin’s firmness, elasticity, color and microcirculation.

To learn about Guam Beauty Mud and their products check them out here.

Photos Courtesy of Malan B.

Special thanks to Jordanna S. at Touch of Pink PR for the invite!

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